Data Entry Notes:
It was brought up to Score Keeper's attention that Josie & Erin's sub stats from when they helped out on Cary's team last session was incorrect while calculating their beginning averages for this season. On Josie's team it only affected the handicap 1 time but did not affect any round points. On Erin's team the correction affected the handicap in the match on 11/9 against Shannon which in turn changed the outcome of round #5 to a tie instead of Erin's team winning it. So that match has been changed to each team winning 2 1/2 round points instead of Erin's team winning 3 & Shannon's winning 2.

Dont forget, our yearly
Christmas party  is  coming (Dec 3 @ Cue n Brew). Pick up a partner (male-female)  and join the last event of the year.......We are open for food suggestions............

Tiger West Coast 5th Stop was this weekend @ Family Billiards in SF

Congrats to all of us who participated..........
Leslie Bernardi taking 5th to 6th $100
Shawn Modelo - 9th to 12th
Tammy Moreda - 9th to 12th