Congrats to Jason Williams and his mix for taking first place one more time (George, Rich, Robbie, Rizz). They showed up to position round with a triple tie between Ryan's mix (Leslie, Jared, David, Vern and Doug) and Anthony's mix (Bee, Joe, Gary, Jose). They get 4 rounds to decide that tie and send Ryan to 3rd while Anthony's gets 3 rounds to clinch 2nd. Congrats every one. 

Competition on this league continues to get stronger and we are happy to  see some other teams get on top 10, Tina Lux's, Phil's, Ken's,  Kudos to all teams for finishing up strong. 

I have already added Jason's name to the list on the research I did last year. This is my informal count of Jason's achivments in our league in the last decade plus. (please correct me if mistaken)
Jason W
Jason W
Jason W
Jason W
Jason W

Special thanks to Leslie Bernardi for her impeccable work on the numbers, Tina M for website updates, sponsors, recruits, rescuing/supporting all new teams and Cony M for BCA sactioning, rules and overall  managing. With out a doubt a sincere thanks for the sponsors who support us year after year, they add $2,500. Our membership continues to grow. We raised $31,150 and for the first time paying out $29,925 cash to all 25 teams, top 5 males, top 2 females and most improved player. We are the highest paid league around. 
We have picked up a new sponsor.........We are off for a month please continue to send ideas, suggestions, for our summer session starting in a month. Dont forget we have 3 proposals posted on website, which we will discuss on our players meeting. I wont remember text requests, please e-mail better.

Joey vs Sue - The total averages on Sue's team was added up incorrectly which changed the handicap from 8 balls per round down to 6. This correction changed the outcome of round #3 to tie and round # 5 from a tie to Sue's team winning it. The final score for this match is Joey's team with 1 1/2 round points and Sue's team with 3 1/2.

Final Standing Ties:
There was a tie for 6th/7th place between Bonnie's team and Phil's team. The money for both positions is added together and split equally between the 2 teams ($1,915+$1,740=$3,655 divided by 2 is $1,827.50 for each team). The tie breaker for who gets which actual position for team number of next season is which team won the most round points when they played each other. They played each other on 3/19 with Bonnie's team winning 4 rounds so they will be team #6 next season and Phil will be team #7 if they decide to continue playing in the league.
Score keeper has prepared suggested payouts for all teams and will have numbers in her spread sheet to share with teams who want to see them while she is handing out money envelopes.

Payout and final tourney will be at Rack em Up. We will meet at 6:30 for pictures, money pick up and to pick numbers for our BLIND draw final event. We have set aside $300 for this event. Every player will pay $5, we will make teams of 4 and play a SINGLE elimination event and of course handicap applies........

Vinnie's Bar Tourney 
1st Ernesto   $100
2nd Alex         $80
3rd Moon       $50
4rd Barry       $35
Top Woman 
Tina L              $40
Summer Dates (revised due to BCA event:
Players meeting July 30
Start of play August 6