Everyone that wanted to be sanctioned with ACS has been sanctioned and the $10 sanctioning fees have been added to your money owed tabs.

Money owed:
Erin - $7 - Erin $8, Kacie $33, Dez credit $99, Louanne $9, Cathy $24, Blind $32
Fawn - $10 - Fawn $10 (ACS fee)
Tina - $42 - Mary $18, Karen credit $2, Karina $8, Sue $18
Carmen - Credit $28 - Carmen credit $20, Tina credit $10, Ericka $5, Christina $19, Sharon credit $22
Shannon - Credit $2 - Shannon credit $19, Mary credit $16, Valjean credit $4, Charity $5, Tanya $16, Sharon & Blind $8 each

Position Round: 

Tina's team did not have an opponent for the position round so her team gets her average round points + 1 round (not to exceed 5 round points) and her team still owes the weekly $32. Her team's average is 2 rounds points, so her team was given 3 round points for the position round.

Barbara's Memorial Tourney
Thank you to those of us who took time to remember Barb this weekend. We had 20 women and 2 guys participate in the event. Food was provided by Jeanne for $5. Mary donated pretty candles and we got to share stories about her and how she touched us all.
We race to 3 amongst women's teams, and 4 when  facing one of the two men-women team. As always competition was at its best.

At the end the winners were:
1)Michelle-Beto $165
2)Cony-Kendra $100
3)Brandee-Jason $60

Our next single Women's Tourney will be March Sat 18.(save the date)
Location TBD

NAPT Division 2 Championships are this year at Hard Times in Sacramento Feb. 23-16. Entry is $130. You must have played a stop this year, and be willing to pay both 2016 and 2017 NAPT dues ($35). So total entry is $165. If you're interested, let me know. There's about 10 spots left in the field of 64 but this is going out to all the tours. Tiger West Coast has seven people going already. Good luck to all our local girls, Leslie, Shawn, Teresa Teague.