We are back from ACS Nationals. Congrats to the players who attended. 

DVPL women participants are satisfied with their ACS experience. 

Shawn Modelo 2nd in Senior Category ($600) 
Holly Robinson 4rth in Senior Category ($250) 
MissVelte ( Fawn, Pamela,Danita, Stephanie) 5-6th Standard Category ($200) 
EastBay Strokes ( Holly, Shawn,Michelle, Cony) ($200) Open Category 
Hot Flashes (Tina, Stacy,Sue,Mary) one out of the money with 3 wins... 

I will be interested in hearing any feed back from players who attended to pass it onto John Lewis the director. 

Here is an agenda for comments........I have included Laura's feed back. Any one who would like to add any ideas etc to discuss this wednesday e-mail so we can include it............

Agenda Summer 2017.\

BCA players planning on entering the event in July, need to turn in the entry forms by June 5th. (Forms Attached) 


We have added a pdf with all DVPL membership. 

Players meetings 
Wednesday  May 24 
Vinnie's Bar 
7:30 pm 
Start of next double/tripple round 
Wednesday May 31............. 
Looking for a different team, different sponsor, different players, wanna suggest any changes, etc etc............. 

Friday nite @ Vinnie's Bar 

Randy $70 
Feras $50