Congrats to Frankie's mix for winning the most rounds on the final position round to win the session for the second year in a row. They faced former champ Jason's mix and we all know how good these guys all  are............Good job guys (Frankie, Gary, Joe, Ed and Ron) 

We got our top shooter Rich Yoder $100, most improved Eric Glasser $50, top female Fawn Leavitt $50 and all 22 teams will get paid. We had an amazing end of the season and for the first time we have a tie for second and third spot between Ryan's mix and Jason's mix.

I am hearing not all the players are getting their fair share of payouts. I will personally hand the money tomorrow and if any one has not paid all the players we are having a chat...........every one who plays and pays must get their share.

We have set asside $300 for this event.

For this final tourney and payout we are going to be switching to Rack em up. We want to support this new sponsor and bring every one in for this evening.
Players will pay $3 for warm up time to the sponsor from 7:00 to 7:30 when we start the tourney. We will play a single round, alternate breaks and single elimination.
We will meet at 7:00 pm  for money distribution, photos and to draw numbers for our final tourney. We will keep the same format  we have been using with the blind draw, every one will pay $5 to add into the pot and we will make teams as per the numbers we draw.


There was a tie for 2nd/3rd place between Jason & Ryan's teams. Per the rules 2nd & 3rd place money will be combined & split equally between the 2 teams ($2,290+$2,010=$4,300 divided by 2=$2,150 each). They played each other on 10/10 with Jason's team winning 3 rounds & Ryan's team winning 2. Therefore, for next season team numbering Jason's team will be team #2 & Ryan's team will be team #3. 
Team #11 Marcus was penalized 1 round point for using a blind in the position round.

PS. Thank you for all of you who contacted me today...........(we are out of town)