Hi every one. I am hoping every one is enjoying the time off as I am. We meet in two weeks. Here is the initial agenda for discussion. 
Feel free to e-mail any suggestions, Now is the time to share........if you want a different sponsor, different captain, different players, different team,  etc , etc.

We will do a double round.......Attached the Schedule template and the Agenda.

Captains - players confirm your participation or not so we know what we have...........

Any one who wants to be taken off this e-mail list please let me know so i can remove you...

Single Player 9 Ball league
Started on
September 18
Rack em up
ACS Sanctioned
We have 10 solid players. if any one still interested show up oct 2 and be ready to play 2 matches.
4:00 to 6:00 pm


Welcome back after BCA Nationals, kudos for the few of us participating, it was fun, exhausting and rewarding weather we got in the money or not.
We had an awesome show from the women's side.

-Shawn-Leslie in a combined team with a sister league  - Platinum Category (Master's)    

                                      Champions of team event !


 (Team event)                                                     1st $2100 (8 teams)
-Shawn-Ryan (Scotch doubles)                            7th $430 (18 teams)
-Leslie-Bee (Scotch Doubles)                               3rd $760 (43 teams)
-East Bay Strokes (9-ball)                                    7th $250 (27 teams)
                                  9th $400 (73 teams)

                                   East Bay Strokes     (7th and 9th)


                                Hot Flashes                (33th)


                               (Tina, Stacy, Michelle, Mary)

                         Mss. Velte                        (49th)


                       (Fawn, Stephanie, Josie, Pamela)