For those of you asking the dates for the next short session,
1 double round;
Players meeting
October 12
October 19.

Rack Em up would like join in women's league in case any one is interested in playing out of this new location.
I am already hearing comments regarding this 4 round session
We welcome your feed back
In the mean time as we close in on this 4 round session, we want to wish best of luck to all of us.............and lets see how it all ends.....

Josie vs Carmen - The handicap was calculated wrong. Cue n Brew's team should've been giving Carmen's 9 balls per round not 8. This change did not affect the outcome of any round points.

Money Owed - All teams must be under the allowed $64 by 3/2/16. Any team that still owes too much money after 3/2/16 will be charged 1 round point penalty every week that you're over the limit. The following is what each team owes.
Team #4 Tammy - $51 - Tammy $26, Theresa credit $4, Ashley $5, Blind $24
Team #5 Erin - Credit $31 - Dee & Leslie credit $2 each, Shawn credit $23, Dez credit $36, Blind $32
Team #6 Shannon - $62 - Shannon credit $8, Victoria credit $2, Charity $3, Annette credit $4, Kim $1, Blind $72
Team #7 Carmen - $13 - Carmen & Tina credit $2 each, Stacey credit $9, Monica credit $6, Blind $32

Friday nite @ Vinnie's Bar
Alex $90
Jd $50
Jim T $45
Top Girl
Stacy $35

Dave Piona 10th Memorial Tourney
Saturday August 27
Sign up: 10:30
Starts: 11:30
Vinnie's Bar offers $5 barbecue
DVPL and Christina Piona adding $500

Single Player 9 Ball League coming up......

Rack em up 
Starts September 18
Every other Sunday
4:00 to 6:00 pm
(We are looking for 10 to 15 - players to run a double round - Only Committed players please)
Winner of the last 2 years Gary Stevens................

9 Ball singles league flier



Welcome back after BCA Nationals, kudos for the few of us participating, it was fun, exhausting and rewarding weather we got in the money or not.
We had an awesome show from the women's side.

-Shawn-Leslie in a combined team with a sister league  - Platinum Category (Master's)    

                                      Champions of team event !


 (Team event)                                                     1st $2100 (8 teams)
-Shawn-Ryan (Scotch doubles)                            7th $430 (18 teams)
-Leslie-Bee (Scotch Doubles)                               3rd $760 (43 teams)
-East Bay Strokes (9-ball)                                    7th $250 (27 teams)
                                  9th $400 (73 teams)

                                   East Bay Strokes     (7th and 9th)


                                Hot Flashes                (33th)


                               (Tina, Stacy, Michelle, Mary)

                         Mss. Velte                        (49th)


                       (Fawn, Stephanie, Josie, Pamela)